How long would you expect to work for us if hired? – Free interview questions

How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

This is top questions that all recruiters may ask you for an job interview. You should match this questions to job duties, job spec, your resume and cover letter. You can interview answer tips, interview answer samples as follows:

1. Answer tips

No employer will hire an applicant knowing that they weren’t planning on staying in the company for a long term. So that you should avoid exact time frames; provide more of a general response such as “I plan to work for as long as we both agree I’m excelling at my job.”

Specifics here are not good. Something like this should work: I’d like it to be a long time. Or As long as we both feel I’m doing a good job.

2. Answer samples

Answer sample 1

I am committed to staying as long as I can. As long as my employer can appreciate the 110% I am continuously giving into my work, and give me room to grow intellectually and professionally, I wouldn’t have any reason to leave. I find that it’s actually a hassle to change jobs or companies.

Answer sample 2

It’s good to have a long term vision. For now, I would concentrate more on the work that I do, to give my best to the team/company and help to grow. Long term relationships will help to know more about the organization and deliver the best. I do feel, I had much to deliver and company has much to offer.

Answer sample 3

I am here because I want to be a part of your esteemed organization and want to grow with this organization by contributing my skills for its betterment. So from this initial time I am not thinking about till how long I will associate with your organization rather than I am thinking to grow till the topmost level of this organization.

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