Catering staff interview questions: – Free interview questions

Below are common questions which are often asked in a Catering staff interview. You can see all questions related to this job such as Telephone, Structured, Situational, One on One, Informational, Technical questions and they are helpful for beginner, entry-level or experienced candidates.

I. Types of interview questions:

1. Catering staff interview questions for Phone interview:
• Could you please let me know more about yourself?
• Do you have any teamwork experience as a Catering staff?
• What was your feeling if you had to work with a person who is worse than you?
• Tell me the key tasks of a Catering staff?
• Tell me the thing you dislike in your last job?
• Tell me your weakness?
• Tell me your key strengths?
2. Catering staff interview question examples for Second interview:
• Describe all the skills you have as a Catering staff?
• What will you do to enrich the experience which you are lack of?
• Tell me the qualifications as well as skills you think necessary for a Catering staff?
• Tell me some of your projects which you involved?
• Tell me the most difficult decision you have ever made?
• Are there any of your friends or relatives who are working as a Catering staff in this company?
• Tell me your expected salary and promotions if you are offered this position?
3. Catering staff interview question samples for technical skills interview:
• Tell me the position you want to work in when focusing on a task?
• Tell me the popular mistakes which a Catering staff often makes and tell me the solution to deal with them?
• Do you think that this job is lower than your level?
• Describe the methods/techniques you often used when you worked as a Catering staff? Tell me how you performed them?
• Which type of work would you prefer, individual or team?
• Tell me how did you do to apply ISO 9001 to your Catering staff job?
• Tell me your questions if you have any?

II. Job interview tips for Catering staff

1.      Learn about the type of interview, the number of candidates as well as interviewers, and find out if the interview formal or informal.
2.      Learn about the skills and experience the interviewer requires, applying procedures, training courses…
3.      Learn about the issues related to company or some current events, the interviewer may want to ask you relevant questions
4.      Prepare and practice your answers before entering the interview.
5.      Talk and discuss with the applicants who have joined the interviews, you may ask for their interview experience and advice.
6.      Make a list of things which you want to discuss in the interview.
7.      Make a list of questions you are interested in and ask the interviewer if you have chances (for example, you can ask about their training programs and what could you do to join such programs).
8.      Reach the interview 15-20 minutes earlier. You shouldn’t leave for interview in rush hours and avoid going on crowded streets. Have a look around the building and try to talk with other candidates to relax.
9.      Do not afraid of talking with others around you. They may give you helpful advice and they may tell you whether your response proper or not.


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