Why did you leave your last job? – Free interview questions

Why did you leave your last job?

One of the most frequent questions in any interview is that “Why are you leaving your last job?” or

“Why did you quit your last job?”

“Why did you leave your last job?”

“Why are you leaving your last job?”
1. You should avoid answers that:

• Speak ill of your old boss, colleague, etc.;

• They punished me many times for…

• I did not complete my job.

• Don’t badmouth your previous or current employer.

• Don’t badmouth your previous or current boss.
2. Some sample answers to the interview question: “Why are you leaving your last job?”

• There is no opportunity to promote in my current job and I’m ready to face a new challenge;

• I have worked there for 04 years with much experience and skills. I want to be promoted but the Company do not offer me that opportunity;

• The company has cut down with its focus on the business line my job is responsible for;

• My family transferred to another region, or, my current workplace is too far away from my home;

• My old company often paid late and had inadequate compensation policy.

• I recently achieved certification and I want to utilize my educational background and technical skills in my next position.

• I am interested in a job with more responsibility, and I am very ready for a new challenge.

• I left my last position in order to spend more time with an ill family member. Circumstances have changed and I’m more than ready for full-time employment again.

• I was commuting and spending an hour each day on travel. I would prefer to be closer to home.

• To be honest, I wasn’t considering a change, but, a former colleague recommended this job to me and was intrigued by the position and the company. It sounds like an exciting opportunity and an ideal match for my qualifications.

• This position seemed like an excellent match for my skills and experience and I am not able to fully utilize them in my present job.


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