Please tell me about yourself? – Free interview questions

Tell me about yourself

I. Steps to answer interview questions:

Step 1: Give a brief introduction about yourself:

For example: My name is Peter. I graduated from XYZ University with bachelor degree in Sales. After 5 years working as a Sales Manager, I have well experienced in training, mentoring and motivating other sales personnel to achieve the goals of the Company.

Step 2: Give a brief summary of your experience in your latest positions:

Give a summary of 2-3 latest companies that you have worked for and companies that have helped you succeed with your new jobs.

For example: recently, I have worked for ABC Company as Sales Manager for North-East Region. With my skills from training courses, I developed many sales campaigns which contributed much to the development of new customers and maintenance of current customer base. After 6 months, my sales force and I did regain the company’s market and promote the sales revenue up by 37%.

Step 3: Connect your ability to the employer’s requirements:

Never assume that the employer will by himself be able to connect all of your abilities to the job requirements.

Step 4: Make a concerning question:

With a concerning question, it will help you gain “control” of the interview. You may reduce the stress of the interview with such questions.

For example: I would like to know the strong points of your company’s current Sales force.
II. Some tips in answering:

1. Records/references: when giving information about yourself, remember to provide records/references as well;

2. Don’t make up the information: your information will be kept as records for a long time when you are employed. Also, the employer has many ways to checking whether your information provided are correct or not. Therefore, give the most faithful information as possible;

3. Practice: to answer well an interview question, you can practice with your friends or do it by yourself in a private room. Be sure that your answer is brief and within 3 minutes;

4. Keep information brief and relevant: Try making your answers more and more concise; Try to give much information in as short time as possible;

5. Eliminate irrelevant and unnecessary information.

6. DO: Tell a story … your career story.

7. DO: Give a quick overview of your career thus far, with emphasis on your most recent job.

8. DO: Wrap up with “What I’m interested in doing next is…” and be sure your answer points to the job you are interviewing for.

9. DON’T: Give your life story.

10. DON’T: Give too much detail.
The best creative way to answer this question: Tell employer about your stories:

Ideals for your stories that can be:

1. Establish your identity and reveal your personality.

2. Make you memorable.

3. Establish trust.

4. Establish an emotional connection between storyteller and listener and inspires the listener’s investment in the storyteller’s success.

5. Illustrate skills, accomplishments, values, characteristics, qualifications, expertise, strengths, and more.

6. Explain key life/career decisions, choices, and changes.

7. Help you portray yourself as a strong communicator.


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